Drug Kamagra Oral Jelly is a fairly new product from an Indian company Ajanta Pharma, not so long ago released on the market. By its pharmacological properties, it fully corresponds to its predecessor, the drug Kamagra tablets. The key difference of the new equipment is a gellike consistency, to facilitate its use and significantly speed up the desired effect.

If desired, the buyer can choose one of several flavors. Unlike pills Kamagra gel can be used, not squeezed water. He is quite safe for the mucous membrane of the digestive system.

The product is not a stimulant; it only recovers lost physiological conditions, in which it is possible healthy penis. Therefore, for its successful actions require sexual arousal.

According to the Kamagra Oral Jelly review the medication helps in 99% of cases. The remaining percentage falls to the overly excited men, as a rule, the young, and the lack of sexual excitement as such. Except for such extremes, the drug helps smoothly.

The basis of action of the preparation is the active ingredient sildenafil. It is characterized by its ability to increase blood circulation in the vessels of the small pelvis. As is known, a crucial role for normal penis plays the health of the vascular system. Disorders of the blood vessels can lead to the fact that blood flow to the penis is diminishing, due to which the penis loses tone or disappears completely. Sildenafil is demonstrating a high efficiency for violations of the penis, which are based on such vascular disorders.

Indications for use kamagra jelly – Violation of the penis (is the loss of ability to achieve erection of the penis, as well as the inability to support it in hard condition).

However, there are contraindications. Product use kamagra jelly as the Sildenafil-containing drug is contraindicated in patients who have had loss of vision because of anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, as well as in patients with contraindications directly to sexual activity (diseases, such as severe heart failure, unstable stenocardia and other cardiovascular diseases). It should not be combined use of the drug with the donors of nitric oxide, organic nitrites and nitrates: sildenafil potentiates the hypotensive effect of these compounds. Diseases of the liver and kidneys before application of the preparation require consultation with the treating doctor.

Drug Kamagra Oral Jelly should be taken one hour prior to anticipated sexual contact. The volume of a single dose is from 50 up to a maximum of 100 mg. In the case of individual reactions of the organism, the dose may be adjusted (25-100 mg). The drug is not recommended to take more than 1 times in the day. Expected effect can occur only in the presence of sexual arousal. Reception gel together with the food may be a few postpone effect.

The gel is permissible used as in isolated form and dissolved in the liquid (a combination with alcohol is contraindicated).