For today the problem of erectile disorders in men is still rather sensitive subject for discussion. According to statistics of erectile dysfunction, or in other words impotence sick almost half of the men of the planet in the age of 35 years.

Men suffering from this disease often do not come to a specialist for help, because hesitate to your problem or think that it is incurable – not worth trying.

However, the lack of reliable knowledge about erectile dysfunction and confidence in the irreversibility of the situation can lead to serious conflicts in the family and even severe depression. Under the erectile dysfunction understand the failure to achieve the penis or maintain it for a full sexual intercourse.

The reasons why there is erectile dysfunction can be divided into two main groups: organic and psychological.

Erectile dysfunction organic origin occurs when vascular diseases, inflammation of the urogenital system, endocrine diseases, complications of long-term treatment of some drugs, injuries of the spine or the urogenital system, the operations on the organs located in the pelvis.

To psychological reasons are various stresses and depression, quarrels in the family, chronic fatigue at work. By the way, the use of alcohol and Smoking are also one of the main causes leading to erectile dysfunction. There is also sexual dysfunction mixed character, and they occur most often.

The main symptoms of erectile dysfunction are weak penis, which does not allow for sexual intercourse or complete absence of the penis.

Of course, the earlier start to treat the disease, the faster you can get rid of it, but even if to address to the doctor in the later stages of the disease, the modern medicine can help such patients. For the treatment of sexual dysfunction organic origin – most often associated with the violation of blood supply to the tissues of the external genital organs, use Kamagra.

Kamagra is used when dysfunction penis psychological, organic or mixed character.

Kamagra gel is a new form of drugs increase potency in men. The drug itself Kamagra was better known in the form of pills, but thanks to the needs of obtaining practically instantaneous effect, at the very moment, when a woman is expecting action, action, doctors, pharmacologists have invented a new format for Kamagra. Kamagra Jelly – specially mixed gel, which is contained in the handy plastic package with the addition of various flavouring substances and active substances (included in the basis of the same pills Kamagra). Gel much faster absorbed into the blood, hence much faster achieved the desired effect.

It is heavy to some clients to swallow medicine in the form of a pill Kamagra Jelly is available in five flavors. Patients elementary squeeze out a bag in a spoon and take it oral. Possibility of secondary results traditionally declines, and almost all of the notice, if the drug begins to act rather than in the form of ordinary pills, but everything is depending on events.