Kamagra Oral Jelly

The number of drugs for treatment of erectile dysfunction is quite large. Today you can choose for yourself the drug for any taste and any wallet. On other hand, this situation leads to fierce competition in the pharmaceutical market. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies go to any combination, in order to gain some market share for its products.

Ajanta Pharma Company, after the success of Kamagra drug, decided to release the drug is Kamagra Jelly. A new drug on its own pharmacological effects on the human body, it is absolutely no different from the ordinary version of Kamagra. The main active substance, as in the standard version, is Sildenafil Tree. It also helps to relax the smooth muscles of cavernous bodies of the penis, which leads to increased blood supply to the penis, and, respectively, to the penis. He has exactly the same dignity. And exactly the same contraindications to which primarily include diseases of  cardiovascular system and disease of the liver.

However, there is a difference. The difference is in consistency. If the major version of the product is available in tablets, Kamagra gel, as follows from its name, the gel. Full name of the product: Kamagra Oral Jelly. This small change has led to positive results. Firstly, gel, compared with the pill, much faster dissolves in the mouth and sucked on the sides of his mouth. Secondly, gel, this is the most acceptable option for people who are treated with disgust to the process of swallowing pills. Thirdly, a gel that can be of different taste. Today there are pineapple, vanilla, orange and banana flavors. And this is only the beginning. And although men rarely attach importance taste gel when buying them, we should not forget that this consistency allows to increase the number of ways of its application. For example, the gel can be used during the erotic games with his partner. We think that the idea is sure to enjoy.

As mentioned above, Kamagra Jelly has a certain contraindications. Naturally, that on the first place among these contra-worth individual intolerance to the components of the preparation of your body. In addition, only after consultation with a doctor, is to take the drug to people who have diseases of -cardiovascular system and disease of the liver. It is not recommended to use the drug of persons who have not attained the age of 18 years. It is clear that you should not use the drug and women. In all cases, require pre-consultation of the doctor, which will be able, on the basis of the actual state of your health, determine whether specifically for you to take this drug.

Buy Kamagra Jelly you can, basically, with the help of the Internet. In most drugstores it is not available.

The drug should be drunk for about thirty minutes or one hour prior to anticipate sexual contact. Effect of the drug be enough for at least four hours. For activization of actions Kamagra gel will need additional factor in the form of natural sexual arousal. This aspect distinguishes drugs similar spectrum of activity of aphrodisiacs. When you use Kamagra gel cannot pay much attention meal of the day. If the pill Kamagra bad combined with the intake of fatty foods, because the effect will be achieved more slowly, because of the gel form and the beginning of the process of absorption still in the oral cavity, to Kamagra Oral Jelly such restrictions do not apply.

Before admission pill shouldn’t be abused alcohol, and even more it is not recommended to improve due to the method of preparation penis, which was suppressed by the influence of abundant dosage of alcohol. The consequences may be for you unpredictable; moreover, this interaction has not been tested clinically.

As with many medications, there Kamagra gel may be by-effects. Usually all the negative reaction expressed quite mild and don’t last long. Most often there is a rush of blood to the person or the headache of dizziness. This can be seen as a reaction of the organism on the reception of products, widening the vessels and increasing blood circulation. In rare cases it is possible violation of colour, light brightness or blurred vision.

Avoid overdose. According to research data, reception of preparations on the basis of sildenafi in the amount of 800 milligrams at the same time considerably raised the negative impact of side effects. The drug and its dosage are designed for single reception during the day.

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